Important Travel and Tourism Packings

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Well, we all have a tremendous problem then we can finally choose a good resort and spa resort to travel or spend our vacation, and the task to pack with everything you need to become an almost impossible task! I mean, I'm an extremely disorganized and know from experience that the task is not easy! Thinking about helping people with the same problem of clutter that I have, I have put some tips and topics for you to make your bag and do not let miss something.

Organization is always necessary to be sure nothing's time to leave, make a list is always the best way and go item by eliminating item.Muitas people end up forgetting in the rush hour to pick up bags, pillows, blankets, food and so on.

Plan your suitcase for the resort:
Make a list of clothing items that you want to take to the resort . That pretty dress or that shirt of the team that you like and can not use the day to day is a good example. Doing this at least you do not forget to bring any nice clothes. If possible, take a picture with all the content that's inside the bag, as this also helps fix it in time for the back (which is actually when the case actually gets bagunceada).

Packing a suitcase for the trip at the resort:
Start with the heaviest clothes, they must have their place more to the bottom where the legs of trousers and other heavy clothing to stay out of the suitcase, after doing this, you can put the legs of trousers or heavy clothing on top other clothes, that they are avoiding all the marks of ugly folds. After all, a trip to a resort or resort spa is advisable to dress badly.
After that, put the shoes in one corner of bag and inside them, put the socks that will be used, saving a little space in your suitcase and preventing the shoes become crushed inside. If you please, put accessories and other small parts within the sapatos.Lembre to always put these objects into a small plastic baggie, so as not to lose time to go back or leave the bag. The ideal quantity for the use of shoes is: a shoe I a social tennis. You can also put slippers or sandals depending on the resort that will travel.